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About Us

We are a small family business in San Antonio, Texas that strives to provide affordable, high quality, professional services to the pets of our local communities. Our first family grooming shop started in 1962 with Great Grandma Evelyn Fuller, and has now expanded through the efforts of the 4th Generation Professional Groomer Andrea Sleeper, who will also soon be a 2nd Generation National Certified Master Groomer by the National Dog Groomers Association of America.


Our Mission

To continue to expand our Professional services through-out Texas in order to provide affordable, high quality grooming to as many pets as we possibly can. We are active in the communities we develop in and we are strong supporters of local shelters, programs, and events, so the more we expand the more resources we’ll have to be able to help them even more!

Our Vision

To add more locations and more mobile grooming vans to expand our physical range of services: we want to bring our professional staff to as many cities in Texas as we can! We want to create a pet caring culture in which all pets get high quality grooming without breaking their owners’ banks.

Our Certifications & Memberships