Customer Terms Conditions and Rules

All new and current customers, by making their appointments and bringing their pets to Pink Poodle, accept and must follow our customer terms, conditions and rules.
No exceptions will be made for anyone.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

  1. We accept CASH only. Other forms of payments may vary.
  2. All pets must provide updated shot records to be serviced: both new and existing. (Tags are not enough!)
  3. All pets must be picked up within 2 hours after being ready or a late pick up fee will be applied (starting at $15 and increasing every hour or after closing time).
  4. Pets must be picked up by closing time, otherwise the pet will be boarded overnight and a fee of a minimum of $25 will be added to the account (depending on the size of the dog, the fee may increase).
  5. Concerns/issues about your grooming service must be communicated within 3 days after your visit.
  6. Prices are plus tax and they may change at any moment. Yearly increases must be made in order for us to stay in business.
  7. Prices change with the condition of the pet’s coat, skin and behavior.
  8. Aggressive, difficult to handle, nervous, anxious, or any other type of pet that affects the amount of time of the grooming session will get a hard to handle/grooming assistant fee added to their bill starting at $10 and increasing with difficulty level.
  9. No overly aggressive pets will be accepted. No sick dogs will be accepted.
  10. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  11. All pets must be taken out to potty BEFORE the appointment. Excessive soiling, cleaning or extra baths needed will be charged extra starting at $10 and will increase with time added to the grooming session or with extra cleaning needs.
  12. Any destruction of property or equipment of Pink Poodle by your pet will be charged to your bill with a starting fee of $25.
  13. We depend on your appointment to organize our day: please call with as much time ahead as possible to cancel or change your appointment. We don’t want to start charging cancellation fees… please help us keep it that way!
  14. We have a 15 minute tolerance for appointment arrival. If no notice is given, your appointment will be cancelled.
  15. We put HUMANITY over VANITY always. If your dog is too tangled/matted to keep the coat you desire, the dog will be given the style that will bring him or her no pain and that will help skin and/or coat heal. We do our best to give you exactly what you request and as close to it as possible, but we will NOT torture a pet only to please the owner.

We are a professional grooming salon. We are certified, award-winning, and nationally recognized stylists. Our groomers attend classes and seminars every year and are members of national organizations. Our prices must always include tax and they are NOT UP FOR NEGOTIATION.

We are professional groomers with National Certified Master Groomers on staff, with the best skills, the best green and organic products, with AKC SAFE and Fear Free badges and techniques. We charge according to our talent, NOT your budget.