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Welcome to our Mobile

Luxury Holistic Dog Spa


We service the North Central, North East, East, Downtown, South-Town, South Central, & South-East areas of San Antonio, Texas.

If you would like to know if we can service your zip code, please contact us.

All new customers must read and sign our customer agreement. Click here to download it and be prepared!

All new customers MUST show proof of fully current vaccinations, otherwise we won’t be able to accept the dog as a customer. Rabies is NECESSARY for your dog to be able to get groomed with us.

Hours of Operation


Tuesday to Friday

9:00AM – 4:00PM

Saturday & Sunday

9:00AM – 5:00PM


Andrea Sleeper

Owner & Operator


(Soon to be) N.D.G.A.A. National Certified Master Groomer

N.D.G.A.A. Certified Member


Joe Casanova

Main Groomer

S.A.G.A. Certified Professional Groomer & Stylist

N.D.G.A.A. Certified Member

For our Holistic Grooming Information, click here!

Normal Grooming Services & Prices

All of our prices include the bath, massage,  blueberry & oatmeal facial, anal gland expression, blow dry by hand, cleaning of the ears, cutting of the nails, leave-in skin conditioner, oil based (no alcohol) perfume, and seasonal accessories.

All of our products are green, hypoallergenic, powered by the natural properties of fruit, and have no harsh chemicals.

The following prices are STARTING prices. Prices may change based on the condition of the coat, with how dirty the pet is, if the coat is tangled/matted, if the dog is problematic/aggressive/too nervous/too anxious, etc. Overly aggressive/sick dogs will not be accepted for grooming.

bathtubStarting prices for BATHSbathtub

No trimming or clipping of the hair

Small (0-20lbs) – $40

Medium (21-40lbs) – $50

Large (41-60lbs) – $70

XL (60lbs+/Doodles/Giant Breeds) – $90

paw-prints_1f43eStarting prices for SANITARY TRIMSpaw-prints_1f43e

Bath + Small trim of sanitary, feet, face, ears and tail

Small (0-20lbs) – $60

Medium (21-40lbs) – $70

Large (41-60lbs) – $80

XL (60lbs+/Doodles/Giant Breeds) – $100

shearstranspStarting prices for FULL GROOMSshearstransp

Bath + Sanitary trim + haircut

Small (0-20lbs) – $70

Medium (21-40lbs) – $80

Large (41-60lbs) – $90

XL (60lbs+/Doodles/Giant Breeds) – $120


For our Holistic Grooming Services, CLICK HERE

Medicated shampoo/flea shampoo & conditioner: $10

De-shedding treatment including de-shedding tools, shampoo & conditioner: $25

Healthy Teeth Treatment including teeth brushing, fresh breath & teeth whitening: $15

Nail grinding/filing add-on: $10

Nail cut ONLY: $10


All appointments are assessed a trip charge depending on location (fee PER TRIP, not per dog!)

Extreme matting/de-matting fee: $10 – $20

Excessive fleas: $10

Tick removal process: $20

Excessive cleaning fee (if dog requires more than 1 bath): $20

Hard to Handle fee (dog is aggressive or hard to handle): $10-$20

Long distance travel fee (out of our usual service area): $35

Let us show you that there IS another way to get your best friend groomed. Let us show you that it IS possible to deeply clean the skin to the point of dramatic healing. Let us show you that it IS possible to address issues without the need of hefty medical bills and year-long treatments that end up in failure. We can bring back out the puppy you fell in love with in the beginning… with a little love from us.

Make your appointment and join the Pink Poodle family! <3