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102 Toepperwein Rd, Converse TX, 78109


At the Pink Poodle Converse we believe pets should be treated with love, respect, and patience. We take our time and give each one of our customers our full attention and energy. ❤ We deliver HIGH QUALITY LUXURY grooming and REAL HOLISTIC GROOMING done by fully certified professional dog groomers.


Hours of Operation


Tuesday – Saturday

8:00am to 5:00pm

Walk-ins welcome from 8am to 12pm for Bath & Nails ONLY (No trimming or haircuts)

Sunday & Monday

By appointment ONLY starting at 9:00am (out of the building by 2pm)

No walk-ins on Sunday and Monday


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Services & Prices

All new customers MUST show proof of fully current vaccinations, otherwise we won’t be able to accept the dog as a customer. Paperwork from the vet is NECESSARY. For our full list of requirements, CLICK HERE.


All of our prices include the bath with a double session of hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner, bubble massage,  blueberry & oatmeal cleansing facial, anal gland expression, blow dry by hand, cleaning of the ears, cutting of the nails, leave-in skin conditioner, and oil based (no alcohol) perfume.

Extra services not included in the price: Nail grinding/filing $10, Special shampoos (such as moisturizing oatmeal, hydro-cortisone, or flea shampoo) $10, Flea treatment $15, Accessories (such as bows, bowties, bandanas, etc) $2+, Pink Poodle Hand-made Bows $4+.

ALL of our products are green, hypoallergenic, powered by the natural properties of fruit, and have no harsh chemicals.

The following prices are STARTING prices. Prices may change with the condition of the coat, with how dirty the pet is, if the coat is tangled/matted, if the dog is problematic/aggressive/too nervous/too anxious, etc. Overly aggressive/sick dogs will not be accepted for grooming. All dogs will go through an initial assessment with their designated groomer to provide accurate pricing.

cropped-lightpinkpaw.jpgStarting Prices for a Full Groom (Haircut):

Small (25 lbs and under) – $50+ plus tax.

Medium (26 – 44 lbs) – $60+ plus tax.

Large (45 lbs -65lbs) – $70+ plus tax.

XL (66 lbs+) – $80+ plus tax.

Giant Breeds (Standard Poodles, Doodles, Great Pyrenees, St. Bernard’s, Giant Schnauzer, etc) – $90+ plus tax.

MASTER GROOMER APPOINTMENTS: Fashion, Asian Fusion, Original, Personalized, and/or Full Body Hand Scissoring haircuts will be quoted depending on the desired haircut style, size of the dog, and condition of the dog’s coat. Please specify and request for a Master Grooming appointment when calling an appointment or add on the notes when making an appointment online.

cropped-lightpinkpaw.jpgStarting Prices for a Sanitary Groom (Feet, Genital areas & face) & Partial Groom:

Small – $40 plus tax.

Medium – $50 plus tax.

Large – $60 plus tax.

XL/Giant Breeds – $70 plus tax.

lightpinkpawStarting Prices for Baths:

Small – $20+ plus tax.

Medium – $30+ plus tax.

Large – $40+ plus tax.

X-Large – $50+ plus tax.

Giant Breeds (St. Bernard, Great Py., Standard Poodle, Doodles, etc) – $60+ plus tax.

hot pink pawIndividual services:

Hair dying and creative grooming: $15-$100 depending on the size of the dog, the amount of dying needed, the design and the amount of surface covered.

Nail cutting – $10 all sizes

Nail grinding – $15 all sizes

Just a Brush out – $5-$15 depending on size of the dog and condition of the coat

Plucking/cleaning of the ears – $5-$10 depending of state of the ear and behavior of the dog


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